Statute of SBT Recommendation Granting


Chapter no. 1 – General conditions of SBT Recommendation Granting

§ 1

The idea of granting Telecommunication Builders Association (SBT) Recommendation is to promote innovation and high quality products and services, including infrastructure for the telecom building, by creating their distinguishing features for the product manufacturer and providing the services on the field of the telecom networks and computer science building.

§ 2

Granting SBT Recommendations is carried out according to criteria, that reflect the activities of entities producing their products (services), bearing in the mind:

- development of the telecom and computer science market,

- competitiveness and innovation of the products and services, in the telecommunications and ICT market,

- environmental protection.

§ 3

SBT Recommendation Granting criteria are as follows:

- technology innovations of the products and services,

- quality and reliability,

- functionality,

- competitiveness,

- conformity with valid norms and the technical approvals of Country and UE,

- impact on natural environment,

- energy-saving,

- safety and securityin the designing, manufacturing, installation and exploitation,

- implementation of advance technologies and the products, which simplify handicapped life.

Chapter no. 2 – SBT Recommendation Granting principles

§ 4

The following SBT Recommendation Granting categories are established:

- for the product,

- for the service.

§ 5

SBT Recommendation Granting is proceed based on the submission of the entity, which applied for the product or service and received the positive acceptation.

§ 6

Accepted entities receive as follows:

- SBT Recommendation diploma for the product (or service),

- the right to label the product (or service) with the mark "SBT Recommendation" for validity period.

Forms of the diploma and the mark pattern are defined in Annex no. 3.

§ 7

SBT Recommendation is granted by SBT Recommendation Commission established by the resolution of SBT Country Board.

Commissionconsists of: Commission Chairman, Secretary and three other members. The current list of Commission members is available on SBT website.

SBT Country Board has got the right to supplement or exchange the members in particular case.

Commission works in accordance to statute included in Annex no. 1.

§ 8

SBT recommendation is granted for a period of 3 years.

At Commission request, in particular cases, resulting from violation of the criteria for granting recommendations, SBT Recommendation can be revoked. Such a decision is taken in the form of SBT Country Board's resolution.

Chapter no. 3 – Timetable of granting

§ 9

Schedule for granting SBT Recommendation is as follows:

a) submitting the applications – currently,

b) preliminary opinion – during one month from receiving the application,

c) audit of organization and technology made in the office of Applicant – if Commission make the statement that it is necessary – during one month from receiving the application,

d) SBT Recommendation granting – during three months from receiving the application.

Deadline of acceptance of application is defined as a date of payment of a fee,whichis described in chapter 4 § 13.

§ 10

Awarding SBT recommendation may take place solemnly at the meetingwith the presentation/seminary on applied product or service, which is organized by applying entity for SBT representatives and invited guests (such as a businessman, investors, operators, national administration, local authority and other organizations).

Chapter no. 4 – Application rules

§ 11

Applying entity folds the application to SBT headquarters in shape of Application form.

Example of the application form is in Annexno. 2.

Application (with any attachments) can be submitted in paper form by post or by e-mail to the SBT mailbox address:

Text of Application form should be written in polish (other documents, attachments may be in English).

Parts concerning the technical documentation (functional description, research, application, examples of introduction, etc.) can be processed and supplied in any format of the file e.g.: PDF, XPS, Power Point, movie, etc.

§ 12

Application should include:

- title page with the name and address of the interested entity and with the date of issue,

- contents,

- basic information about the submitted product (or service),

- short description of applying entity,

- list of achievements related to submitted product (or service),

- references and opinions,

- results of research done (certificates, approvals etc.),

- granted certificates, diplomas, rewards, distinctions,

- technical documentation together with any important figures and photos of the product (or service),

- confirmation of the payment for the preliminary opinion.

§ 13

Annex no. 4 (Price list) defines the payments for granting SBT recommendation.

The fees depends on the range of necessary work, which is required to prepare the final opinion and based on the price list, as is mentioned and is determined by Commission Chairman.

The information about the payment and the deadline of the payment is sent to applying entity by Commission Secretary.

The payments should be done by transfer to an SBT account, based on VAT invoices issued by SBT.

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