Telecommunication Builders Association (Stowarzyszenie Budowniczych Telekomunikacji – SBT) is a countrywide organization, operating since 1996, bringing together companies and experts-practitioners of the broadly understood telecommunications industry.
For over 20 years of operations, SBT has developed a significant position in the telecommunications environment, especially in the organization and management of telecommunications infrastructure construction processes.
SBT is a substantive partner for the Ministry of Digitization, the Office of Electronic Communications, Parliament (Sejm) Committees of the Republic of Poland, science and higher education units, administration, non-governmental organizations (industry associations and chambers of commerce), telecommunications operators, service and production companies in the telecommunications industry.
As part of our business operations, we provide consultancy, deals, projects and services in the broadly understood field of telecommunications, concerning:
- requirements for placing a wide range of products (electrical, electronics, telecommunications etc.) on the EU market (standards, requirements, CE marking, Declaration of Conformity - according to EMC, RED, LVD, ErP, etc.),
- organizing and managing the investment process, including performing independent functions on the construction site: designer, construction / works manager, multi-discipline investor supervision inspector, expert,
- technical documentation for general and telecommunications construction facilities and equipment,
- expert opinions on the technical condition of buildings, structures and telecommunications networks, systems and installations, including in the scope of PEM electromagnetic compatibility requirements, including IMEI (Intentional Electromagnetic Interference) in GSM, LTE, 5G technologies,
- requirements, documentation and test on placing on the EU market a wide range of products and installations (electrical, electronic, telecommunications, etc.) (standards, requirements, CE marking, declaration of conformity - in accordance with the directives EMC, RED, LVD, ErP, etc.)
- advising telecommunications companies on the organization and operation of telecommunications infrastructure construction in accordance with applicable law,
- technical inspections of buildings, structures as well as networks and systems, as well as training and raising professional qualifications in the abovementioned range,
- valuation of telecommunications companies' networks and resources,
- conducting projects in the scope of determining the requirements and standards of professional qualifications in the telecommunications industry for the Ministry of National Education (Ministry of National Education), Institute for Educational Research (IBE), Center for Education Development (ORE).
We also conduct trainings and workshops on currently applicable regulations and their application in construction and telecommunications in the field of infrastructure, services and products, including the use of EU co-financing. During the courses we discuss practical interpretations and interpretations of these provisions.
Thematic blocks of training concern, among others:
- rules and regulations of general and telecommunications construction in the scope of projects, construction, operation and maintenance of telecommunications facilities, including the conduct and management of the entire investment process of building telecommunications infrastructure including infrastructure design and construction, access to networks and connections as well as obtaining the right of way and disposal real estate for construction purposes, as well as management of telecommunications construction facilities,
- requirements for obtaining and performing independent functions on the construction site: designer, construction manager, investor supervision inspector in telecommunications,
- occupational safety and health (OSH) rules for the construction of telecommunications facilities,
- requirements for construction products and telecommunications equipment, installations and electrical and electronic equipment used in telecommunications facilities (certificates, declarations of conformity, CE marking, approvals and laboratory tests),
- requirements for apparatus, installations within the scope of compliance with the provisions and standards on electromagnetic compatibility PEM,
-broadband network requirements, technical measurements and QoS, QoE quality tests, in GSM, LTE, 5G technology.
Our trainings and workshops are aimed at properly preparing its participants (service providers, entrepreneurs, telecommunications operators and their employees) to perform practical activities on the domestic and European telecommunications market, and in particular in the context of adapting the market of services, products and construction of telecommunications infrastructure to increasing competition on the EU market.
The topics of trainings and workshops cover the main objectives of the operator / investor's telecommunications activities, and their interactive form enables practical assimilation of these principles and the correct application of legal provisions.
Trainings and workshops are conducted by high-class specialists and experts both with knowledge in the field of construction and telecommunications law, as well as the application of the provisions of this law in current administration (telecommunications market regulator, courts, local governments, architectural and construction bodies, etc.).
The effect of our activities are also developed comments and conclusions on important problems of applying the law in the everyday practice of building telecommunications infrastructure. They are transferred to other entities of the telecommunications environment - associations and chambers of industry, the Polish Chamber of Construction Engineers, the Ministry of Digitization, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Office of Electronic Communications, the Parliamentary Committees of the Republic of Poland: Administration and Digitization, Infrastructure and the offices of state and local administration dealing with legislative projects Polish law, harmonizing EU law on a national basis, in the field of construction and telecommunications.

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